Vendor Spotlight: Full Spirited Flavours

May 14th, 2018

Here at Valley Forge Weddings, we get to work with some amazing vendors and we thought it would be a great idea to share some of their stories with all of you! This month, we caught up with Carole, one of the three owners of Full Spirited Flavours, to discuss their liquor infused cakes & cookies!

How the business got started…

Carole, Kathy, and Sue (the three spirited sisters) had always wanted to do something special together in the food business. In 2009, they sat down together and decided it was finally time to do something about it. They knew that people liked to drink and they liked to eat so they thought, why not put the liquor and the cake together!  Sue had been making an amaretto cake for over 40 years and it was a hit, and that’s where they began their journey.

A little about the cakes…

These aren’t your typical liquor cakes! The sisters have created their own infusion system. Instead of just being topped with a liqueur-infused glaze, the cakes are actually injected with the liqueur which makes them incredibly moist and flavorful.  The distilleries that Full Spirited Flavours have partnered with are making the liqueur to their specifications in 55 gallon barrels. Can you imagine!? The entire process takes two days in which the cake gets baked, cooled, infused, and packaged. At their facility, the sisters make sure that the quality of the items and their presentation is absolutely perfect before they are distributed. The cakes come in four delicious flavors:
  1. The Limoncello Liqueur cake is baked with white chocolate pieces, limoncello liqueur infusion and glaze, and is garnished with a limoncello-soaked crumb topping.
  2. The Chocolate Raspberry Liqueur cake is infused with a delicate raspberry liqueur and topped with chocolate crumbs.
  3. The cake that started it all – the Amaretto Liqueur cake- has chocolate pieces and toasted almonds baked inside and is infused with the almond flavored Amaretto Liqueur.
  4. Caribbean Rum cakes have a hint of mango, white chocolate chips, and are adorned with a toasted coconut topping.
There are also multiple size options. You can choose between the personal-size Blossoms or the Juniors (which feed between 3-4 people) . There are also Large, Queen and Party-Size Cakes which can be cut up and served for events. The newest additions to the line are cookies with a liqueur infused glaze on top available in all four of the flavors mentioned above.

Getting into the wedding industry…

Full Spirited Flavours has been featured at many bridal shows around the area and they have found that they’re items were a big hit because they’re a unique, special, and fun giveaway. Carole said, “Cocktail cookies and little blossom cakes… I know no one that’s going to leave it on their tables!”  And we agree! These favors are edible, interesting, and can be personalized to fit with your wedding.

We asked what the sisters would like our brides and grooms to know about their business…

“The three sisters take great, great pride and pleasure into making everyone happy about what they’re about to give. […] We love to sit down with the bride and discuss their color scheme and how she can match it to her labels and what to say to personalize the cake box. It’s so important to us!” So if you’re looking for someone different to give as a favor at your wedding or shower, look no further!  With a variety of flavors, sizes, and the ability to personalize your packaging, the cakes and cookies from Full Spirited Flavours are the perfect gift. If we haven’t convinced you yet, head over to to learn more about these delicious desserts. And then get in touch with the sisters today to start your planning!

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